Giant Jean le Bucheron (III)

géant Jean le Bûcheron de steenvoorde

Jean III : A new giant was created in 2015

The actual giant “Jean le Bûcheron” was officially presented on Saturday 25th April 2015

this presentation took place at Steenvoorde, during the International Summer Carnival (Carnaval d’Eté International) !


When we (Les Amis de Fromulus) decided to build a new giant, we asked quotations to various artists from France, Belgium, and Spain.

We finally decided to ask Toni Mujal,  a craftsman, giants maker, based in the catalonian town of Cardona, near Barcelona to build the new Jean. Toni has a large experince, he has been creating giants for more than 30 years and his portfolio speaks for itself.

Among his past creations were the King Salomon and Sabba Queen that came to Steenvoorde for the 5ème Ronde Européenne de géants Portés in 2012.

Toni succesfully created a giant which has kept its main features (2 bearers underneath the skirt, a round base, 4.50 meters high) yet at the same time, this new version is more modern, it is lighter, and more lifelike as well.