Giant “Johnny the woodcutter”

Jean le bucheron, géant de Steenvoorde

Jean le Bûcheron (I) also called Jan den Houtkapper or Johnny the Woocutter was created in 1914 by the Friends of Fromulus. It used to come out to parade in town once a year during Lent. It used to have blue eyes and blond hair and to hold a sword.
In 1940, at the end of the second world war, the chest of the giant was taken away the german soldier who put it on a tank as a trophee. It was never recovered.

A new chest was built in 1948. This second giant would be wearing an axe and became brown haired.

In 2004, les Amis de Fromulus gave it a son : the dancing giant Jacobus.

After 67 years of service, Jean le Bûcheron (II) was much damaged so the Amis de Fromulus decided it was time for it to retire and ordered a new Jean le Bûcheron (III)

The latter was presented during the local Carnival at the end of April 2015. It was designed and crafted by the artist Toni Mujal from Cardona in Spain but has kept all its flemish attributes (2 men underneath the skirt, a high stature, and a very large bulk).

It was in 2015 as well that the Amis de Fromulus decided to give it a wife, so Jean was married to “Maria et Mariona”, a spanish beauty from the town of Mataro which moved to steenvoorde permently after the wedding.