Giantess Maria (And Mariona)

The dancing giantess “Maria et Mariona” was created in Spain – Catalonia by the artist Lluis Torner in 2006.

She represents a joung hippy holdaing her baby girl in her arms.


This giantess first came to Steenvoorde in 2012 with her creator for the 5th Dancing Giats Festival organized by Les Amis de Fromulus.

When Lluis Torner passed away in 2013, his widow decided the giantess should carry on dancing as it was meant to be a festive figure and entertain people

Les amis de Fromulus decided to give her a second life and brought her back to Steenvoorde.

They celebrated a wedding between Maria and their own giant Jean le Bucheron in April 2015.

Maria and Mariona is 3.50 meters high for a weight of a bout 55 kilos. It only requires one man underneath the skirt to make her dance. The red and yellow 

Maria et Mariona sont désormais portées par les Amis de Fromulus et défilent avec Jean le Bûcheron et Jacobus !